Route to Pikovo

The route to Pikovo begins in Mežica. From the very center of Mežica it takes us towards Črna, where opposite the fire station turns to the right and leads along the main road past the company of the Peca underground and the Mežica mine. For a while, it leads along the main road, and in the middle of the sharp right bend it turns right – from the main to the side road. The route leads uphill along a macadam road towards the Center for school and extracurricular activities. A few hundred meters before the Center we can turn left and the route will lead us to the entrance of the mine, which is especially popular among cyclists, as it is opened several times only for them. The route continues past the Center for school and extracurricular activities, where it turns left and continues uphill along the macadam road. For a while, the route goes through the forest shade, which offers shade and refreshment to hikers and cyclists during the summer months. On the way, we can enjoy the views of the surrounding hills, and sometimes we can see the neighboring Austria. The route leads to the cabin on Pikovo where cyclists and hikers can have a meal or a drink, and also it is possible to sleep over in the hay, if guests want to experience the way of our grandparents’ life. There are many interesting destinations in its surroundings, such as Jesenikov vrh, Gorna and the sunny Mitnek. From the cabin, besides good food and drink, we can also enjoy the view on the church of St. Helena and the linden tree there, which have been standing in this place for decades. Further, the route leads to the valley along the macadam road and slightly descend towards Črna na Koroškem. On the way through Črna we can see a lot of cultural sights.

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