Route to Breg

Our journey begins in front of the mighty building of the Primary School in Mežica, which was designed by the architect Max Czeike and passes past the cemetery of the National Liberation Battle (NOB) fighters, which is located in the settlement where we turn off the main road. The road turns uphill and ends at the cemetery, where the foot path turns down the hill. If we are by bicycle, we must walk this part of the route. The asphalt road to which we descend brings us to the Tourist Mine and the Museum of the Underground of Peca. The inside of the museum can also be viewed by bicycle, with prior announcement. From the museum to the local road, where we continue the route, it is only a few minutes. On the local road, the route goes only around the bend to the road that leads to Center for School and Extracurricular Activities Peca (CŠOD Peca). On the way, we ascend to the settlement Breg, where we are greeted by the trails of the former mining hamlet and we are witnessing a picture of mining life in the past. The route continues uphill along the winding road to an open area with houses, where the building of Center Peca stands. At the Center Peca, we can find a lot of possibilities for active leisure time with an adrenaline park in the surrounding area. A short part of the route, which continues to rise, continues from the Center Peca along the road, which soon becomes a forest road.

The forest idyll and rich undergrowth accompany us on the way uphill. When the route goes down to the valley there is only a short part of the route to the meadow of the ski slope, along which we continue and it offers a nice view on Mežica below us. We continue our journey towards the monument of the National Liberation Battle, where our route is finished – at the elementary school Mežica.

The route is unpretentious and appropriate for everyone; it is possible to drive it by bike. The most beautiful part of the route leads along the beautiful forest paths and along the meadow of the Mežica ski slope, and its most secret part can be seen in the underground of the mine deep under the mountain.

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