Cycle Route to the Granaries

The route starts at the guesthouse Krivograd, which is located under the Štopar’s bridge, below which we take the asphalt road to the search for ancient mills. The route rises slightly at the beginning, but soon it opens and leads along the meadows and fields to the valley. A very pleasant and varied route leads to the Polh’s mill, the only remaining mill on this route. The mill is very well preserved. There are wooden sculptures that show people and work on a mill. The road leads along the stream. It winds among spruce forests, meadows and fields, and soon turns uphill, where it passes on a macadam road. The road is well transportable and with many bends, which make it easier to overcome the height difference. At the Zvonik’s chapel, to which we climb first, the view on Peca slowly opens. There is a stream flowing below us, by which we have been going uphill for most of the time. There are beautiful old granaries at the Zvonik’s farm. The route towards EkoHotel Koroš offers beautiful views on the surrounding hills, including the Peca mountain range. At the farm Koroš, you can see the old linden tree and the well preserved granary. We continue along the macadam road past beautiful farms with beautiful surroundings. At the tourist farm Gradišnik, we can make a stop and see the old granary. The route continues along the forest road along the meadow, which then descends through the forest towards the stream. On the way there are marked places where once mills stood, but unfortunately they are no longer preserved. The stream borders Austria, the border goes along the middle of a green gorge. At the farm Hudopisk, we return to the road and descent to the Štopar’s bridge and the guesthouse Krivograd, where we started our route.

The path is dynamic and appropriate for recreational cyclists who like to make a stop along the road and speak with the friendly locals, see the richness of their farms and listen to their stories.

Download Route (GPX) Cycle Route to the Grainaries