Route to Šentanel

The route to Šentanel starts in the town of Prevalje. The main road leads through Prevalje to a crossroad “pri Štoparju” and then under the Štopar bridge towards the settlement of Šentanel. At first, the route takes an asphalt road, passing numerous farms and other tourist providers where cyclists or hikers can take a rest and eat something. There are many sacral monuments or chapels along the route giving a special feeling of calmness. The route takes us to Jamnica, a settlement of a special charm and energy, and then to Šentanel, a famous tourist village in the Koroška region. Just before coming to Šentanel you can see the Church of St Ursula enclosed by lime trees. In Šentanel, cyclists or hikers can have a meal or even stay the night in the famous “Marin” inn where they can enjoy in the view of Mount Uršlja gora, Peca and other local hills. Further along, the route leads to the valley, first to Suhi vrh and then to the settlement of Stražišče and through Prevalje where the route ends.
The route is difficult, very long and suitable mostly for cyclists. Nevertheless, hard work and energy you will put in will pay off with all the pleasures offered by the route.

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