Tourism farm Reht

We reach the tourist farm Reht from Mežica towards the Slovenian-Austrian border and the border crossing Reht. The farm is located on the top of the hill, which offers beautiful views from Bleiburg to Uršlja gora on other side. The hosts will always kindly welcome you and offer you a shot of spirit as well as homemade cold cuts and refreshments. In a rich selection of dishes, they prefer home-made delicacies: home-made bread, fresh curd, “štruklji” and roasted pork. By the farm, there is an over 500 years old linden tree which proudly stands above the farm. Hikers can go hiking along the beautiful paths to the surrounding hills and valleys, on steep slopes above the farm and in the heart of the Carinthian forests. For larger groups and easier organization, the announcement of the visit is recommended, but random travelers are also welcome.
Phone: +386 (02) 82 35 264
Gsm: +386 (0) 31 742 918