Črna na Koroškem

Črna na Koroškem (575 m above sea level) is a picturesque, pleasant settlement in the three-valley valley along the river Meža on the right and Javorski potok to the left, at the crossroads of two roads – to the left towards Šoštanj and to the right towards Koprivna.

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Route along the Views of the Tops of Javorje

The route starts at the crossing of roads that lead to trails into the woods of Koroška. After the macadam road, we continue the route through the fileds to the first farm, which offers a view on Smrekovec, and in […]

The route through the valley of Topla in Koprivna

The route starts at the entry point in the geopark Karavanke and turns right to the valley of Topla. It winds along the Topla creek uphill to the climbing area “Burjakove stene” located along the road and offering shade and […]

Route to Smrekovec

You will start your walk in the centre of Črna na Koroškem, passing the Church of St Oswald and the entire settlement and then turning left at the Bistra creek towards the forests of Smrekovec. The route takes you along […]

Route to Najevska Linden tree

The route to the Najevska linden tree and the vast forests surrounding it starts in the center of Črna na Koroškem. At the front of the church of St. Ožbolt it turns left and goes along the Javorski potok deep […]