Route to Najevska Linden tree

The route to the Najevska linden tree and the vast forests surrounding it starts in the center of Črna na Koroškem. At the front of the church of St. Ožbolt it turns left and goes along the Javorski potok deep into the forests. The route leads us along the main road, which at first only gently climbs, then reaches the crossroads, which leads us to the right to the macadam road. When we wind uphill, the magnificent views on the valley below us and the mighty Peca open up along the way. On the way you can also see Božič’s and Rezman’s waterfalls. The waterfalls are by the road and are not marked, but we can recognize them by the open beginning of the canyon where they are located. The forest road leads us around Ludranski vrh to the Najevska linden tree and its signs. The linden tree offers a pleasant shade for rest and refreshment. The route to the valley continues down the road from the Najevska linden tree towards Črna na Koroškem. Travelers who want to see the cultural heritage of Carinthia can come to the farm at Ludranski vrh and see a beautifully typical mountain farm. On the way to the valley, a stream keeps us company, which, with great rocks, tells us about the power of water from the melting snow and the storms. When we get to the main road, the route leads us back to Črna na Koroškem, where our path ends.

The route offers beautiful views on the mountain Peca and the slopes of Smrekovec, an insight into the intact Carinthian nature and cultural heritage and lots of hidden corners. The route is medium difficult and the landscape offers many possibilities for resting along the route and exploring nature around it.

Download route (GPX) Route to Najevska Linden Tree