Route to Leše

The route to the settlement of Leše begins in Prevalje. At first, a narrow asphalt path leading towards Leše passes a deserted coal mine, that once shaped the Slovene mining. Before reaching the mine, we can see the chapel of Leše which was built based on a vow. Over the entrance, there is a relief symbolically depicting Leše with all its mining machines, and on the banks of a creek, someone is sitting with a hat in his hands, and in front of him there is an injured person. The route continues uphill towards a long village of Leše. If you go off the marked route in Leše, you can see a former so called “summon room” (pozivalnica) which is a local cultural sight impressing the bystanders with its architecture, and further along the church of Leše. For some time, the route leads along an asphalt path passing a roundabout towards Kresnik farm reigned by the Kresnik lime tree. The view from the farm overlooking Leše is wonderful, and the two churches really stand out. The route continues along a macadam road passing numerous sacral monuments and chapels. Walking through forests and meadows you can admire the Mount Uršlja gora from a very special perspective. The rout will take you to the Jug farm where another famous lime tree grows: the Jug lime tree. After a few hundred metres, the route turns towards the valley passing again meadows and forests. You will come to the “Bračurnik Grabn” where, after climbing to the local cemetery, you can see the final cultural sight on this route: the Church of St Barbara.
The route is difficult, long and suitable mostly for cyclists.

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