Cabin on Pikovo

The cabin on Pikovo is an excursion point, by which stands its main attraction – the church of St Helena. There are many interesting destinations in its surroundings, such as Jesenikov vrh, Gorna and sunny Mitnek, so the cabin can be a transit point or a stop for visiting the surrounding mountains. The cabin does not offer a wide view, as it is surrounded by the Pikov Vrh, as well as the trees there, therefore it is necessary to find a clear that provides a beautiful view on Uršlja gora, Smrekovec, a narrow valley of the Jazbinski stream from Žerjav to Uršlja gora, a hilly landscape above the valley of the Meža River, the Smrekovo mountain range with a distinctive rocky peak Komen and, of course, Peca.We can reach the cabin from several directions. From Mežica, you can reach the cabin along the marked path for Peca. Cyclists can start from Mežica via the Mine Podzemlje Pece, then the path continues through Polena past the Center of extra-curricular activities towards Podpeca all the way to the cabin.In the embrace of nature you will be able to accumulate new powers for a further journey or even overnight. The cabin offers guests, in addition to the usual accommodation, also an accommodation in a hayloft. You will be able to enjoy hot and cold dishes, and order meals by your wish. The cabin is an excellent place for culinary surpluses, while at the same time offering peace and indescribable pleasure in nature, away from the city bustle.GSM: +386 41 737 539, +386 40 839 481Phone : +386 (0)2 8235 378Splet: