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Guesthouse Marin

  The guesthouse Marin is located in the idyllic village of Šentanel and has a centuries-old tradition. The guesthouse has a tidy hall for up to 300 people, where they host weddings, excursion groups and also organize a shorter tourist […]

Farm Kumer – Mountain Lodge

  The farm Kumer, which has been a mountain lodge since 1996, is located at the top of the idyllic Carinthian valley of Koprivna. We can also reach it through the Topla valley. The farm offers up to 20 overnight […]

Tourism farm Reht

We reach the tourist farm Reht from Mežica towards the Slovenian-Austrian border and the border crossing Reht. The farm is located on the top of the hill, which offers beautiful views from Bleiburg to Uršlja gora on other side. The […]

Guesthouse Krivograd

  The guesthouse Krivograd is situated in Poljana, next to the main road Prevalje – Mežica, under the Štopar bridge, along the Meža river. The good location offers starting points for many beautiful Carinthian thematic routes in the surrounding area. […]

Cabin on Naravske ledine

  The cabin on Naravske ledine is located on a meadow below Uršlja gora at an elevation of 1071 meters above sea level. It is easily accessible by car, bus or on foot. It is open every day from May […]

Burger house Punkt

Four kilometers from Ravne na Koroškem is a small settlement Kotlje, which has in the last year been known for a very unusual acquisition for a small place – the first burger house in Carinthia. Punkt bistro and coffee shop […]

Cabin on Pikovo

The cabin on Pikovo is an excursion point, by which stands its main attraction – the church of St Helena. There are many interesting destinations in its surroundings, such as Jesenikov vrh, Gorna and sunny Mitnek, so the cabin can […]

Farm Spodnji Lečnik

Kmetija Spodnji Lečnik leži med samotnimi kmetijami na južni strani Strojne, vzhodno od Zelen brega pod Šteharnikovim vrhom, sredi narave in lepega svežega okolja. Kmetija je še posebej znana po kostanju, ki pohodnikom in gostom nudi senco v poletni vročini. […]