Route to Naravske ledine

The route to Naravske ledine begins in the settlement Šance. At first, he goes through the forest, then it opens up and passes past the large meadow, which extends to the right, and the farm there. The route leads along a macadam road in the shade of the forest there, which is replaced by meadows and pastures for a moment. From the macadam road it continues along the asphalt road, and the forest offers a shade to cyclists and hikers. It passes the cultural sights of the “turška šanca”, which is located on the right side of the road, along the section where the signpost on the tree directs. After a few hundred meters, it is passing by another “turška šanca”. It continues along the road past the church of St. Mohorjan and Fortunat, next to which stands a mighty linden tree which offers a pleasant shade. Further, we can notice the decaying tower of the former castle Šrotnek, which was located a few meters southern from the church, but it is now gone. The route continues uphill along the asphalt road and at the next crossroad it turns right. After a few hundred meters of walking or driving, riders or hikers will notice the Dvornik farm on their right, decorated mainly by the mighty linden trees and spruce that represent the natural sights. At the next junction from Janet farm, the route turns left and leads to the cultural attraction the Partisan hospital Mirta. Then it returns to the crossroads, turns left and proceeds towards the ski lodge. The ski lodge offers a beautiful view on Kotlje with its surroundings, even Pohorje can be seen. At the crossing after the ski lodge it turns left and continues uphill along the macadam road. On the most of the route, the forest will provide cyclists or hikers shelter from the possible summer sun. The route goes a bit uphill for a while, and then just a little down, which is a real relief before going to the lodge Naravske ledine. When returning to the valley, the route goes a few hundred meters along the same path that led us to the lodge, and at the spring of the river Suha it turns left, in this direction it passes many linden trees, which represent the natural sight and adorn the local farms or homesteads. In the background of the Godec farm we can see the tower on Uršlja gora. From this farm, the route continues to the farm Kos. There is a large linden tree, which is also damaged by a lightning strike, and then the route leads to the Lubanc farm, which is adorned with another linden tree, while the other was damaged by a lightning strike. The route goes further through the forest and connects to the route leading to Naravske ledine, then goes down to the valley, all the way to the junction before the ski lodge where it turns left. After a short walk through the forest, we come to a clear, where a beautiful view on the landscape opens. On the large lawn there are Kos’s linden tree and chapel. Next, the route leads down to the valley, past Pavšič, where the beautiful linden stands as an autonomous and proudly standing. At the crossroads for Pavšič it turns right and continues towards Podkraj. In this settlement, we can admire the Lubas homestead, where once stood linden trees, which were destroyed by a lightning. The route continues past the sign of the “Šrotneška žaga” along the asphalt road to Čečovje, where it finishes.

The route is long and extremely difficult, especially during the ascent it leads continuously uphill, and then it goes down to the valley.

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