Route along the Views of the Tops of Javorje

The route starts at the crossing of roads that lead to trails into the woods of Koroška. After the macadam road, we continue the route through the fileds to the first farm, which offers a view on Smrekovec, and in the background we can see Raduha and Peca. The route goes uphill to the top of the ridge to Mežnar’s chapel where a beautiful view from Uršlja gora to Smrekovec on the other side opens. On a beautiful day, it offers us an excellent place to relax and stop. At the church of St. Magdalena and the mighty linden tree, we can also see the highest school in Slovenia, primary school Javorje, which stands not far away. The route continues along the winding road past the homestead Juvan, where the locals will offer you a snack and refreshment. At the homestead the is an old beautiful linden tree. Before the end of the route, you can also see a well-preserved granary at the farm Pik, of which the locals are very proud, as it represents a nice piece of the farm history. The last part of the route, you can see the belfry of the church of St. Jošt through the treetops. Next we reach the Podkrižnik’s homestead with a once magnificent linden tree and hospitable locals.

The route is easy and appropriate for children’s walks. Along the way, we find beautiful views and homesteads with friendly people.

Download route (GPX) Route along the Views of the Tops of Javorje