Fields of work

Legal advice for non-governmental organizations

We advise on the composition and we also assemble:
1. Founding and other acts for institutions, associations and other non-governmental organizations,
2. Internal acts of non-governmental organizations such as Rules of Procedure, Rules,….
3. Copyright, contract and management contracts, sponsors, donor contracts,…
4. We gain a status in the public interest,
5. We gain the status of a social enterprise,
6. We provide a legal assistance in administrative procedures and procedures for administrative controls
7. We provide a legal assistance in resolving mutual disputes,
8. We conduct complaints procedures against administrative acts and decisions of various commissions.

We also carry out activities in the field of project consulting. In this context we assist our subscribers to:

1. promotion and development of tourism
2. choose an appropriate tender,
3. look for project partners,
4. develop a project idea,
5. write a project application,
6. run the project and
7.  prepare an evaluation of the final project.