Prevalje is a town in the Mežica valley in the north of Slovenia, the center of the Prevalje Municipality, which lies at the place where the Meža river flows from the narrow neighborhood and the valley extends. Historically, the most important transport was the establishment of the settlement, since it lies on the important traffic link between Štajerska and the Celovška basin, after which it also got its name. Subsequently, industrialization, initially the coal industry, began in the beginning of the 18th century. At the end of the 19th century, the collapse of the iron industry halted the development, but it is still witnessed by the old workers’ houses, the unequal layout of the settlement and the old names. Later, it grew at the expense of new jobs in nearby Ravne in Carinthia and also in new industrial plants in Prevalje itself. The status of the city was received in 2005

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Route to Šentanel

The route to Šentanel starts in the town of Prevalje. The main road leads through Prevalje to a crossroad “pri Štoparju” and then under the Štopar bridge towards the settlement of Šentanel. At first, the route takes an asphalt road, […]

Route to Leše

The route to the settlement of Leše begins in Prevalje. At first, a narrow asphalt path leading towards Leše passes a deserted coal mine, that once shaped the Slovene mining. Before reaching the mine, we can see the chapel of […]

Route to Volinjak

The route begins on the right bank of the river Meža, which we cross by the petrol station in Prevalje. Along the meadow next to the houses, we head uphill along the forest road by the stream and turn down […]

Cycle Route to the Granaries

The route starts at the guesthouse Krivograd, which is located under the Štopar’s bridge, below which we take the asphalt road to the search for ancient mills. The route rises slightly at the beginning, but soon it opens and leads […]