Route to Smrekovec

You will start your walk in the centre of Črna na Koroškem, passing the Church of St Oswald and the entire settlement and then turning left at the Bistra creek towards the forests of Smrekovec. The route takes you along a winding road passing the cottages of Grofovi and Vidmarjevi. By the exit for Bistra you will turn left towards the Pudgar farm, and from here on, the route leads through the outskirts of Smrekovec. Along the route, you can also see an abandoned house of foresters from Koroška region. A picturesque route through the forest is well maintained (as cutting down the trees is prohibited, the route overcomes the lying trees with stairs cut into the trunks) and winds towards a hidden black lake which was supposedly formed in a crater of a volcano; the proof of this are large rocks along the route. The rocks are volcanic, and the Mount Smrekovec is supposed to be an active volcano once, however, under the sea level. You can take a rest by the lake and enjoy the mountain peace and fresh air. The road to the valley leads back along the same route, passing the Pudgar farm where you can admire two natural sights: a Swiss pine tree and European ash tree. By the Pudgar farm, you will be redirected back to the valley along the Vrtačnik creek, pass the Vrtačnik farm and to the Bistra creek.

The route offers beautiful views of the local hills, old Koroška farms and mysterious black lake. The route is difficult, long and suitable mostly for cyclists.

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