Route to Volinjak

The route begins on the right bank of the river Meža, which we cross by the petrol station in Prevalje. Along the meadow next to the houses, we head uphill along the forest road by the stream and turn down along slope to the right. The path past the house on the clear continues on the right bank, and slowly wind between the peaks of the spruce forest. When we get to the top of the hill, a view on the meadows and Peca in the distance opens up, and the route continues on the left side of the ridge past the farm along the road. When we reach the church of St. Ana and St. Volbenk, we can see the village of Leše and Uršlja gora. Next to the churches, we continue the route along the meadow to the road which leads us to a beautifully maintained and decorated granary by Praper. At the edge of the forest above the granary, we turn left and cross the meadow. At the top, we can take a look at the vast landscape with the surrounding hills for the last time because the route leads us along the forest path. The route runs uphill to the top of the hill and continues along the ridge to the top of Volinjak. On the way we can admire the stone landscape, the magnificent stone bridge and karst natural phenomena, which are unique in this part of Slovenia. At the top of the hill, there is also access to the viewpoint from which a beautiful view on Peco and the Carinthia of Austria opens. On the other side of the ridge, we descend to the Hermank’s chapel, surrounded by Hermank’s pine and linden tree. From the Hermank’s homestead to the ambience with the churches of St. Ana and St. Volbenk leads a macadam road, and at the crossroad we continue the route towards Leše and the old Carinthian farm Ladra by the road. Not far from the road, Pop’s granary is located by the road, and the route continues to the forest, where we head left down towards the starting point of our route. The way to the river Meža steeply winds through the forest tracks and the road that opens in some places and gives us with a view over Prevalje. We pass the last part of the route along the route where we also started the thematic route, as the routes meet just before the end of the forest border.
The route to Volinjak is more difficult at the beginning, but the effort outweighs the beauty of the landscape, the cultural sites and the views far away. Volinjak has a unique landscape, similar to the karst world but high under the mountains.

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