Route along Tolsti vrh

The route along Tolsti vrh starts at the agricultural cooperative in Ravne na Koroškem. At first, it leads along the asphalt road under the railway bridge, past the houses there. After a slight rise, it turns right at the crossroad and continues along the steep asphalt road that leads past Kneps and Ajnžik farms. Already at this place, you can enjoy the view on Uršlja gora, the town Ravne and its surroundings. The route continues in the shade of the forest there, which is a real refreshment for hikers and bikers, especially during the summer months. After a few hundred meters of walking or cycling, we can enjoy the view on the meadow, which lies below the farm Zgornji Lečnik. On this meadow, there are the so called Lečnik’ linden trees, natural sights offering shelter to the Lečnik’s chapel, the local cultural heritage. The route continues along the asphalt road and at the crossroad we turn towards Ivats beautiful farm, and next it we can admire the Ivats chapel and granary. The view on Ravne is remarkable from the surroundings of this farm, especially in good weather. The route continues along the asphalt road, then the macadam road to the Šteharnik farm, which is a sightseeing point for the towns Ravne and Prevalje and the surrounding hills and settlements. Religious people will probably also stop at the special cross that adorns this farm. Furthermore, the route continues along the macadam road towards “Šteknija”. The route leads us past Jakob’s linden trees and chapel, and at the same time provides hikers and cyclists a wonderful view on Uršlja gora, Peca, Raduha, the surrounding hills and the towns Ravne and Prevalje. The route goes past cultural sight Kvasnik’s house, then past the Jank’s farm with the Jank’s linden tree. If we turn right at the farm Jank, we can also admire the local cultural heritage of Račel’s granary. The route further leads to the valley along the asphalt road past the Lizi’s farm and linden tree and continues to the town Ravne. Cyclists or hikers go along this route past the mineral deposit and Bična waterfall. The route continues down along the asphalt road and leads us to the beginning of our route, the agricultural cooperative.

The route is difficult and appropriate for hikers and cyclists. It is possible to ride a bike or walk; walking would take quite a while.

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