About us

Maksiza Institute

Maksiza Institute is a private institution, established in 2011. In performing its activities, it operates according to the non-profit principles. Maksiza organizes or implements activities in a number of social and environmental fields, such as tourism, education, cooperation, consumer protection. The founders of the institution are aware that non-governmental organizations, among which the institution belongs, make a key contribution to the development and implementation of democracy and human rights.
Our Institute has been always focused primarily on strengthening the organizational and professional competence of non-governmental organizations, thus strengthening cross-sectorial integration and cooperation between non-governmental organizations in Carinthia and also strengthening the role and capacity of Carinthian NGOs to participate in implementation of public services. The institute also wants to become an important cooperative factor in the field of environment, as the founders and employees of the institution are aware of the social responsibility, therefore the Institute wants to strengthen its influence on policy and legislation formulation in Slovenia as well as at the European Community level, and to raise public awareness in the field of environment and sustainable development.

Mission and Vision
The mission and vision of the Maksiza Institute is the desire to contribute to the greater role of NGOs in the shaping of local or regional policies, strengthening inter-sectorial integration and cooperation to address local needs, strengthening informational, organizational, professional and advocative capacities of non-governmental organizations and strengthening the role of non-governmental organizations in the provision of (public) services. The goal of the institute is also to implement the principle of environmental and nature protection and sustainable development at all levels of decision-making and operation.