Route to Gorna

You will start the route to Gorna in Mežica by the Church of St James, passing the Kivova iron works and water saw on the left and going uphill towards the Ručnik and Škudnik farm. The route winds uphill along the Šumec creek and pass wet meadows and farms. When you arrive to an asphalt road, you will be directed towards Mount Peca. Along the route under the road, you can see a well preserved Mlačnik mill, and further along you will arrive to the Potočnik farm. At the Potočnik farm, the route will take you further along a forest path winding uphill and passing a climbing area Štenge to a crossroad of mountain routes by the monument dedicated to the fallen soldiers. At the monument, you will turn right on a forest macadam path leading towards the Austrian border having a beautiful view of Mount Peca, Smrekovec and Uršlja gora. The route leading back is steeper and will take you downhill to the Reht farm on the other side of the slope. By the farm, there is an old lime tree, and on the top of the meadow, a well-preserved chapel. On the top of the ridge, a view on all sides to the local hills and valleys underneath opens up. You will take the route back along the main road, passing the meadows and a settlement of family houses, arriving to the Church of St James where you started your journey.
The route is suitable for cyclists all the way to the climbing area Štenge where you can also take other routes to other valleys. The route to Gorna, however, is more suitable for hikers.

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