Thematic Trails (GPX) User Guide

To visit the selected Thematic Trail, it is best to download the GPX file found on the selected page. Apps that allow us to view different routes are available online (Apple store or Google Play Store).


  1. Download the selected application (from the Apple Store or Play Store) to the phone, which supports the GPX format.
  2. Visit the website on your phone and find the map you want to download.
  3. Click on the selected thematic trail GPX file. Select an option to open it for you in the app you downloaded. And good luck on the way! This allows you to keep track of the route map without any worries.

Remember that data transfer must be turned on at all times, which drains the battery quickly, so make sure your phone has a fully charged battery before the trip.

Note: The data and thematic trail information are for information only. Some paths in nature are not marked. Tracks in GPX format are merely an orientation tool. You move at your own risk.