Malgaj’s route

The Malgaj’s route starts at the agricultural cooperative in Ravne na Koroškem. After the railway bridge, we climb the stairs and then along the meadow we reach the farm there. The path leads us along a macadam road past the biological farm. The stop on the road gives a beautiful view of the town of Ravne with its surroundings, the surrounding hills and Uršlja gora. After a few minutes of walking, it leads to the tourist provider Spodnji Lečnik, who, in addition to good culinary, is also known for their so called “Lečnikov Kostanj” (Lenčnik’s chestnut tree). In the yard of this farm, the route turns right and continues along the field path, which leads slightly down. At the crossroads, it turns left and continues along the forest path towards Dobrije. A stop on this route gives a view on Dobrije and the surrounding houses. After coming to the valley, after crossing the meadow, you can see the beautiful Rutnik’s chapel. The path further leads to the valley, at first on the macadam, and then the asphalt road, past the houses there. At the crossroad, it turns right and continues past the houses, through the forest, and across the railway station. Here it goes past the Malgaj’s monument, and after the crossing of the river Meža continues along it. In this part, the path is a forest path, in certain, otherwise few parts, it is even overgrown, but at the same time easily transient. The forest path leads us uphill for a while and then down again, and in this order it changes several times. It brings us to so called “Kotula”, where it crosses the Meža river first, then takes us past the house, then immediately climbs steeply to the hill. The forest path continues high above the Meža river, which allows interesting, sometimes even “adrenaline” views on the river and the road along it. It leads us past Votla peč and the cave near Votla peč. After a few hundred meters of walking, it leads us out of the forest and continues along the meadow path, past numerous gardens. In this part of the way, you can see the rundown Javornik castle. The path continues down the asphalt road and leads us to the beginning of our route, the agricultural cooperative.

The route is moderately difficult, appropriate for hikers, children and families. It is also possible to ride on a bicycle, but in some places, you will need to carry the bicycle.

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